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How to start with the HackTheBox?

Script Kiddies always wonders How to start with the HackTheBox? Here's a blog for them.

HackTheBox enhance one's skills to know whereabouts of a vulnerability. It comprises of various number of challenges, machines which needs to be resolved. But the great part is that to even signing up for the program you need to search an invite code. Now, follow the below steps to create your account:

1. Go to

2. On this page, you'll find "Join Now" button when you scroll down. Click on it, you'll be redirected to an invite page

3. Now, right click your mouse and use inspect option. Over there you'll find sources in that there is javascript file of an invite code under js folder with inviteapi.min.js name.

4. In this file you can clearly see a function named makeInviteCode.

5. Now, go to Console and call this function to create a code like makeInviteCode().

6. After success a data will appear in Base64 hash.

7. Now, decrypt this hash using Base64 Decoder in the BrupSuite.

8. After decryption this will appear "In order to generate the invite code, make a POST request to /api/invite/generate".

9. Now, use this link and intercept it through BurpSuite.

10. Before forwarding request change GET request to POST and forward it.

11. A new code will appear in Base64 format.

12. Again decode it and it will appear as a key. Copy this key into page and click on signup.

13. A singup page will appear. Fill in your details and congrats your account has been created on HackTheBox.

HackTheBox is not an easy thing but daily practicing it will not only boost up your confidence but skills too. You will definitely enjoy it!!

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