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HackTheBox OSINT Challenge Infiltration

HackTheBox often consits of clues that can really help in understanding what needs to be done. For OSINT challenges always focus on these small details.

So, in this challenge we get to know that

Can you find something to help you break into the company 'Evil Corp LLC'. Recon social media sites to see if you can find any useful information.

As it clearly mention that I have to look for social media pages registered under "Evil Corp LLC". So, searched very basic and important social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

While going for OSINT always focus on small details, you could find suspicious things even on images, comments, like and followers etc.

So, I find out on Instagram a user with name "Eryn Mcmahon"

"Passionate Relational Factors Analyst working at Evil Corp LLC" when I researched her profile there was flag mentioned on an ID card in a photo.

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