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HackTheBox Crypto Challenge August

This challenge was more of a research based rather than cypto, I have to go through various number of links before getting the flag.

For any HackTheBox Challenge you need to first look for the Files that can be downloaded or Start instances with a given port on and for any zip file first password is always hackthebox.

So, I downloaded the file and unzipped it with password "hackthebox" and a "flag" text file is there.

HackTheBox often consist of clues that can really help in understanding what needs to be done.

So, in this challenge we get to know that

August left Chris in America. Can you get the flag and reunite them?

This hint comprises of 4 parts - "August", "Chris" - two names, "left" & "America" which means that one of them is from America. I looked for Famous cipher expert with these names and have some connection with America and get to know about invention of the Keyboards by these two gentlemen Christopher Latham Sholes & August Dvorak with American connection. Now, since August left him Chris. So, it must be August who wrote this text. Now, I looked for Dvorak(left handed) to Qwerty keyboard convertor. For this I used a tool that is available on

After this I get a Base64 encoded message which I decoded and get the flag.

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